Whether you're a tradesman or a large-scale construction site, we'll protect your equipment from potential liability

From forklifts and bobcats to cranes and trucks, and even industry-specific plant such as earthmoving equipment or mining machines – it’s vital to ensure your machinery is covered.

These pieces of machinery are a huge outlay to begin with. But also losing time from the business or a project with damage or breakdowns? It can be catastrophic.

Protect your plant and equipment (whether fixed or mobile, industrial or commercial) from theft, breakdowns, accidents, and more with a specialist policy.

What Types of Cover are Available in a Plant & Equipment Insurance Policy?

  • Breakdown Cover
  • Broad form Liability (Public Liability cover)
  • Road Risk Liability
  • Consequential Loss
  • Material Damage.

Jim arrived at work one morning to find his excavator, which had been left securely on-site overnight, missing.

He didn’t even pause to finish his coffee before reporting it stolen.

Jim, one of our oldest construction clients, had only purchased the excavator nine months ago. Having us know of the purchase prior to receipt, we ensured his Mobile Plants and Equipment Insurance was updated accordingly.

As the vehicle was less than a year old, Jim could claim its stated value. He was also able to hire a similar machine at the insurer’s expense to enable his business to continue and ensure he didn’t suffer any financial or client loss.