Insurance that isn’t ‘one size fits all’.

Because to us, it’s personal.

With over 20 years’ experience as an insurance broker, Julie Lonard understands the challenges that the complexity of the industry brings. Insurance can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and full of jargon. So her goal is to make it simple.

1st Choice Insurance Services truly believes that good service is good business, and good business comes from providing information and support, as well as being accessible.

So, when you email, we’ll respond.
When you call, we’ll answer.
And when you need support, we’ll guide you.

We understand your business, your policies, and your risks.

Because you’re more than just a policy or a claim number.

You’re a business owner, just like Julie. With staff, family and client commitments.

You have responsibilities that you need to uphold, regardless of unplanned incidents. As your insurance broker, ensuring that you have the right protection for your business to enable you to do this is our responsibility.

For us, it’s all about you.

Why choose 1st Choice Insurance Services as your insurance broker?

Industry experience

Benefit from over 20 years industry experience and specialist knowledge

The right network

Be represented by a member of Community Broker Network, and benefit from the support and backing of one of Australia’s leading insurance networks

Insider knowledge

Gain access to the latest industry technology and resources

Hands-on approach

Eliminate the stress associated with comparing policies and deciphering industry jargon

Ongoing support

In the event that you do make a claim, you won’t be on your own. From lodgement through to settlement, we’ll guide you through the process.

Negotiation opportunities

Save time and money by having a broker negotiate on your behalf and for your best interests

Find out why our clients all over Australia love having us supporting their insurance needs, big and small

Get in touch today to talk through your insurance policies and take a big sigh of relief knowing that your business and assets are covered.