Commercial strata insurance; covering specifics that may not be included within a standard commercial property insurance policy

If you have a commercial property, the right insurance is a must. Commercial strata insurance can ensure you’re covered for damage to common areas such as driveways, lifts, swimming pools, elevators, and more.

Is your commercial property protected? If you’re concerned, let’s talk – we’ll advise on your requirements and, guided by our experience and expertise, develop a solution at a competitive rate you can count on.

What is covered under a Commercial Strata Insurance Policy?

You can expect strata insurance to cover you for:

  • Building fixtures such as pipes, hot-water systems, intercoms and air-conditioners
  • Common property including balconies, common-area gardens, barbeques, lobbies, car parks, pools, tennis courts and stairwells
  • Common contents, such as shared outdoor furniture and gym equipment
  • Public liability insurance that covers common property.

As with all insurances, there are a multitude of options. Our job is to tailor a solution to your exact needs, so just ask.

What does Strata Insurance NOT cover?

Strata insurance doesn’t cover things such as:

  • Belongings inside your property
  • Anything not fixed permanently to the property, and
  • Internal fittings and fixtures, such as lights, floorboards, electrical items, carpets and furniture.

Are you a landlord renting your property? You’ll need Contents or Landlord Insurance instead.

Henry is an 88-year old self-funded retiree who lives in an apartment that he’s owned since new. The apartment is located on the ninth floor of a ten-storey block.

One weekend a small fire caused electrical damage, preventing residents from being able to use the lift. Henry, located on the ninth floor, would have been isolated had the Strata Management Committee not had Strata Insurance in place.

All it took was one phone call for repairs to be quickly carried out and the lift put back into action, with all expenses incurred by the insurance company.