Does your business engage with the public? Do you manufacture, service, install or repair products? If so, Public and Products Liability Insurance is essential

From café owners to electricians, and everyone in between – we all have a duty of care to ensure that any products you make available to the public, whether selling or giving away, aren’t going to cause harm.

In fact, you’re legally responsible in the case of any accident or malfunction.

So if you assemble, import, add your brand name to, or claim to be the manufacturer of a product, those products must comply with Australian standards and the statutory requirements set out in the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). They must be safe.

If a product that comes under your duty of care causes injury or damages others’ property, you can be held legally and financially accountable. Public and Products Liability Insurance helps cover any costs that may result.

What’s the difference between public and product liability insurance?

Public Liability is all about your actions or activities while at work. Products Liability is to insure against any injury or damage caused by products you distribute, supply, or make.

Product liability comes bundled with public liability for your convenience – speak to us about a range of different options and tailored solutions that best fit your business.

Eddie is a young electrician who has been self-employed for almost two years. Two days after installing a power point into a client’s home, it gave out an electric shock that resulted in the homeowner’s death.

Eddie was sued by the homeowner’s family. Because he had Public & Product Liability Insurance in place, his insurer covered all legal costs.

An investigation into the incident revealed that Eddie had carried out the installation correctly. The power point itself was faulty, causing the accident.

Eddie’s insurance policy covered everything, and the homeowner’s family received financial compensation.

Does my business need Public & Products Liability Insurance?

Every business needs public liability insurance and, if you supply products to clients, you’ll need products liability, too. As in Eddie’s case, it’s not only retailers and product providers who need it.

Most public liability policies include it anyway, but if you’re unsure or have specific questions, ask away.