Prevent your business from suffering loss in the event of an unplanned event or disaster

It’s no secret that insurance policies can be a minefield of information, difficult to navigate, and (dare we say it) not the most exciting reading. From property damage and legal liability, through to employee-related risk insurance and beyond, it’s a puzzle of terms, conditions, clauses and fine print.

And whether you’re starting a business or already well-established, you need insurance that’s up-to-date and gives you the right cover.

That’s where we step in and step up. As licenced insurance brokers, we’ll navigate you through the complexities of business insurance to ensure you receive the right (and the best) cover for your specific needs.

What insurance is essential for my business?

All Australian businesses need the following cover:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Third-Party Personal Injury Insurance

What other types of Business Insurance are there?

Here are some other types of policy you may need for your business:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance
    • For Contractors
    • For Sole Traders
  • Personal loss of income insurance
    • Income Protection or disability insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Total and permanent disability insurance
    • Trauma insurance
    • Business interruption or loss of profits
    • Employee dishonesty

All industries, and all businesses, are different. We all have different needs and obligations, so when it comes to getting the right type of cover, make it simple.

Talk to us – we’ll remove the stress, save you time, and make sure your business has the right protection from the start.

Nigel is a sole trader who has just welcomed a new baby to the family. He owns a floor sanding business and keeps his materials and equipment in a small workshop.

When a storm causes flooding and water damage to the workshop’s contents, his business is put out of action for eight weeks. Without a second income in the family, Nigel panics.

Until he calls us, that is.

Because Nigel has Business Insurance with cover for water damage and business interruption benefit for lost income, he received enough compensation to make sure he can still pay the bills.

Nigel’s business is saved, and his livelihood is intact. Happy days!