Need business insurance?
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If you own a business, you need insurance. But not just any insurance – insurance that is tailored specifically for your business.

Insurance is more than just a policy – it’s a giant puzzle, and we’ve made a career out of putting together the right pieces for our clients to provide the ultimate protection for their business.

Just like every puzzle piece is unique, we don’t apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach to insurance. We take the time to understand your needs. To learn about your business requirements. To thoroughly research the most suitable options for your business and to negotiate on your behalf.

From our very first meeting through to lodgement and settlement of a claim, looking after your best interests is our priority.

Why 1st Choice Insurance?

Located in Penrith but with clients Australia-wide, our approach is personal and aims to provide you with so much more than just the right insurance! We understand that your business is as unique as you are, which means that your risks and insurance needs are too.

We promise to also provide you with:

  • Ongoing support – Rest assured that you will have our support at all times during the year, not only when purchasing your policy. And if you need to make a claim? We are there to guide you through – and at no cost to you.
  • Plain English explanations – Avoid the jargon and have your contracts broken down into plain English. Understand the fine print!
  • Reliability – Benefit from a dependable broker with a proven track record of reliability and access to a wide range of products and providers.
  • Industry best practice – As a member of one of Australia’s largest broker networks, Community Broker Network, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry and are committed to upholding industry standards.

Importantly, 1st Choice Insurance is an insurance broker – not an agent. This means our commitment is to you; sourcing and tailoring insurance solutions on your behalf.

“My renewal was due while I was on leave with a new baby – I was gobsmacked when Julie offered to come to my home to make it easier for me! This is why she rocks”.

Melinda Leyshon, WriteCopy

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